CPD designs custom furniture and CPD Series furniture. 


In January of 2012 a great wind and ice storm downed a number of trees here in the Pacific Northwest. CPD’s first furniture series began when a couple of trees came down in the yard of friend on Maplewild Drive in Burien, WA just south of Seattle. One of the trees was Cypress and the other was Stewartia Koreana. Those logs were the birth of CPD Series: Back From Nature. 


 My goal with CPD Series Furniture is to source naturally downed logs from which I desire to create exquisite furniture and beautiful objects. (More photos in series. Please click to view all.)

Stream Bench - Stewartia Koreana - Detail
Stream Bench - Stewartia Koreana
Vue Bench - Black Locust - 1
Vue Bench - Black Locust - 3
Vue Bench - Black Locust - 2
Vue Bench - Black Locust - 4
Steppes Coffee Table - Spalted Maple - 2
Steppes Coffee Table - Spalted Maple
Steppes Coffee Table - Spalted Maple - 3